Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Harry Potter Series by: J.K. Rowling

As anyone who knows me/anyone who will listen knows, I HEART HARRY POTTER almost as much as I heart my husband, friends and family combined.  I was "one of those people" in costume, in a line up, eagerly waiting for midnight to come around so I could purchace my shiny little hard cover copy of J.K Rowlings latest masterpiece of imagination.  The world of HP is for me a place of comfort, adventure, and happiness, where in just the time it takes for me to take the book off the shelf I can be back with my fictional best friends solving riddles, casting spells, brewing potions, and getting into trouble from Professor Snape.  If you havnen't yet read HP I have half a mind to reach through my computer screen and bonk you on the head.  I advise you to not tempt my wrath any further so please make your way as quickly as possible to your nearest book store and pick up your very own copy.  I hope you love the series as much as I do.  Maybe one day if we're really lucky we'll meet eachother at the Hog's Head and have ourselves a Butter Beer. Click on the links for, J.K. Rowlings web site,  Alivan's Wand Shop, (where you can get your very own one-of-a-kind wand), and Muggle Net, (for the best up to date news on eveyrthing HP.

Happy Reading!


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