Thursday, February 25, 2010


Interrupting book blogging for just a moment just so I can say, "GO CANADA!!!!  Our ladies brought home the Gold medal in Woman's hockey on home turf!!!!!!!!! *dance, twirl, jump, throw hands in air!!!!!*

Also saw this posted on FB ( I hope I am not offending anyone) just before we won and though it was great!! Gotta go, gold ceremony!!!

Our Father, Who art in GM Place, HOCKEY be Thy name, Thy Will be done. GOLD to be WON on ice as well as in the stands, Give us this Day, Our hockey sticks & forgive Us Our penalties, as we forgive those who crosscheck against Us. LEAD US Not into elimination, but deliver us TO VICTORY, in the name of the fans, CANADA & the Holy Puck. AMEN!!█♥█ GO CANADA GO █♥█


Book Crazy Jenn said...

LOL that's awesome stuff - I get your soo proud! :) They are doing really well, now I am rooting for the woman Canadan in ice skating tonight after her devistating trip there... it's such a sad story!

Lindsey said...

I know its horrible what happened. I hope she skates her heart out!

Beth said...

I was in work & we all kept running up stairs to check the results. I finished before the game ended and was walking through the mall when there was a huge cheer. People were gathered around one of the big screens watching and I ended up talking to this woman about the results for about ten minutes.

I'm not Canadian, I've been living here just over a year - but I felt so proud for them! I've been rooting for them all the way through. It was a great game! (well, from the bits I managed to see lol)

Thuy said...

Fantastic day!
Gold for women's hockey and Joannie Rochette won Bronze :)

Amelia said...

I saw that match! Go Canada!!
And that "prayer" is adorable.
Anyway, you have such a lovely site! I'm definitely going to be a follower! :D

Stephanie said...

I am Canadian as well and the women played really well. I am now watching the men's semi-final game and seriously hoping they win so they can play the U.S. in the final. It's redemption time! Go Canada Go!!!!

I really enjoyed visiting your site and am now a new follower!

Lahni said...

GO CANADA!! I loved watching them get the medal. I've loved watched all our athletes get their medals. It never gets old hearing the national anthem playing and watching the flag go up!

Tynga said...

I really hope the men will follow the women's lead and win the gold medal to!
I can't wait to watch the game tomorrow!
Go Canada Go!

Lindsey said...

Thank you all for responding to my post!! I appreciate the comments and your imput! Gooooo Canada!

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