Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Peeps by: Scott Westerfeld (Worth reading more then I am!)

After reading my first book by Scott Westerfeld I devoured anything and everything he had ever written with the intensity of a prize winning pie eater. I read Peeps quite some time ago but it was so good I am going to read it again. It’s not your typical YA Vampire book but that’s what I loved so much about it. Rather than vampires with the strength of Hercules and the beauty of Aphrodite these vampires are just your regular everyday mortals who are known as “parasite positives” or simply as the title states “peeps.” Scott Westerfeld said,
“The main thing to remember is that there’s no magic involved. No flying. No transforming into bats or rats either. We’re talking about a disease.”

Another thing I loved about his book is that before every chapter of the book he has a smaller chapter describing interesting, gruesome, icky, yucky, disgusting parasites that do unimaginable things to other life forms.  I am not going to post a more in depth review at this time. I have read a hundred other books since Peeps and want to freshen up my memory so I can rant and rave about it more accurately.  Some guy named Kirkus (Totally dig that name...probably because of the "Kirk" factor) describes this book really well (see below).

“Both medical thriller and science fiction, this fast-paced, captivating modern vampire story is enriched with biology and history. . . Entrancing throughout—but squeamish readers beware.”

—Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Click here to check out Scott Westerfeld's website and check back for a review in a few days.  Additionally I'll be posting links and reviews to his other books most notably for me his Uglies series which you can take a look at on his website.

Happy Reading!!


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