Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twilight Saga by: Stephenie Meyer

Hate it or love it the Twilight saga is loved by millions, myself included. You would have to have lived under a rock for the last few years not to know what this series is all about. However on the off chance that you have in fact been living under a rock and have neither read the books or seen the movie then you may want to pick up a copy of Twilight ASAP. Whether you’re a teenager dreaming of love or an adult reminiscing about your teenage angst your sure to find something to love about this vampire human love story. When recommending this book I should however post a few recommendations on what you should do before beginning to read any of the books in this series. For your safety and the safety of those who will have to put up with you for however long it takes you to read the books please read below.

1. Stock up on enough snacks, no-hassle dinners, and drinks to last for a few days

2. If possible begin reading this book on a Fri night (if you have weekends off) so that you will have no distractions while you read

3. Only talk to people who already love the series as you’re bound to annoy everyone else with your "twilight fever."

4. Don't be surprised if you begin to have life like dreams of Edward or Jacob

5. And please for the love of all that’s holy please never post to web sites such as MLIT!

I really don't feel that a synopsis of this book is necessary as 99% of people who love to read YA fiction have already read this book but if you need to know a little more please click here to go to Stephenie Meyer's web site.

Happy Reading!



Steph said...

Ok you had me laughing so hard as I read this....Thats is exactly what I did when I read the saga....I locked myself in my room and didn't come out for 3 days. Great review.

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