Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Will it be as good?

I was sad to read the final book in the Vampire Academy series and I knew she had something else in the works but I didn't expect Bloodlines to be released so soon (August 23, 2011). You can read more about the debut novel/spin off here in an EW article. As for the cover....I am not a huge fan. While the up close faces is reminiscent of her previous covers I really dislike the font and flowery vines of the title. At first I was put off by the swirly vines on Sydney's face because it reminded me to much of the covers of The House of Night series however my currently forgetful (baby brained) mind remembered that it is in fact a gold filigree tattoo given to alchemists in the Vampire Academy series (if my memory is recalling correctly). For those of you looking for a little more click here for a blog entry by Richelle Mead detailing more about the novel, for her official web site click here, and for a visual aide in counting down to the release of Boodlines click here.