Review Policy

Contact Information

Name: Lindsey
Occupation: Child and Youth Counselor
Genre of Interest:  Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Urban Fantasy, Horror, Paranormal Fiction, Historical Romance, Young Adult, Romance

Review Policy

Thank you for your interest in The Book Guru.  Below you will find some information regarding the types of books I review, where I post my reviews, when I post my reviews etc.

What genre of books do I review?

  • I am currently reading, reviewing, and recommending good books from a variety of genres including urban fantasy, paranormal romance, Sci-Fi, fantasy, historical romance, and horror, both adult and young adult. 
What time frame do I complete reviews?

  • Due to the volume of book review requests I receive I can not guarantee a time frame but I will aim to read and review a novel within a reasonable amount of time.
    Where do I post my reviews?

    • In addition to posting reviews on my blog I post at Goodreads and  I am also a member of a variety of book related social networks where I post links to my reviews and giveaways. 


      • If you have any questions, criticisms, comments, etc about my blog please feel free to contact me at 

        I want to express my thanks to all authors who contact me to review their novel.  The hard work, blood, sweat, and tears you put into writing your novel and getting it published takes so much dedication and I appreciate your interest in me reviewing your work.  I hope you understand that if I opt not to review your novel it is because I have eclectic tastes in books and I want you to have your book reviewed by someone who enjoys the genre you cater to. Additionally thanks to all the publishers who send me such wonderful books right to my door!

        All the best and many thanks,

        Lindsey - The Book Guru