Friday, August 6, 2010

Opinion Time (To Help Me Improve My BIG Lists)

At The Book Guru I have a ongoing set of lists called, The BIG List of...(vampire books, books that take place in boarding schools, faery books, etc).  I have had a lot of good feedback regarding these lists and I am looking to see if they need to be improved.  I know that its often the books cover that catches my attention and from there I will either choose or choose not to read the synopsis.  I realize this is "judging a book by its cover" but I don't think I am alone in doing this.  Whether you use my "BIG" lists or not do you like them as they are or would you prefer me to present them as covers with a link to amazon or another site where you can get more information on the novel? Is there other ways in which you think these lists should be improved?

Thank you for your help!


Miel Abeille said...

I think it definite adds a uniqueness to your blog -- setting you apart from other book bloggers.

The layout was exacting what I was expecting and hoping for. If you don't have trouble maintaining the lists, I say keep them!

DforDarla's Definite Reads said...

I like the list cuz I'm always searching for vamps, fae, or were books. I think that you could probably add the pictures so it doesn't seem like we're just starring at a really long list, plus I always like looking at the covers. (I judge a bit).

Miel Abeille said...

Now that you've added photos, I do like it a bit better. :)

The Book Guru said...

Miel - HAHA yes I found a fairly easy way to add them and I to like the pictures better. I think if I was looking at this list on another persons blog and was not familiar with the book a picture would grab my attention more then a title. Thanks for your input!

DforDarla - I agree! Hope you like the new change :)

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