Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I decided to go through my BIG List of Paranormal TV Shows  and try out a few series that I haven't watched before. I started with The Dresden Files which was....pretty good but after the shows series premier I moved onto HEX.  Although I have suggested its target audience is young adult I definitely think it is geared towards the 17-21 year olds.  There is drinking, swearing, smoking, and some very suggestive sex scenes.  Throughout the hour and a halfish pilot episode I was held in absolute suspense and I jumped out of my seat twice!

The show ran for two seasons from 2004-2005 on the BBC (Its a British program).  The show centers around Cassie who falls into a deadly mystery involving witches and fallen angels.  The show takes place in a boarding school in England and thus far I am completely  hooked!  Fans of Buffy and Angel would love this series so check out the promo clips below and find out for yourself just how parnormaly goody it is!

Click here for a link to more promos.  I tried to get the code to post them here but it is unavailable.




Angus and Robertson Edwardstown said...

I (Tarran) love this series!! I have both seasons!! I really thought they could have done a 3rd but alas they did not and I was like OMG at the end!!!!!

B.Kienapple said...

I was obsessed with this show for a time, though I felt it fell off the rails in season 2 (major change, which I wasn't fond of). But yeah, it's definitely a diamond in the rough.

The Book Guru said...

Do I need to comment if I already sent a personal email? hmmmm

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