Thursday, August 5, 2010

The BIG List of Paranormal TV Shows

Afterlife 2005-2006 (Adult) - Psychic
American Gothic 1995-1996 (Adult) - Paranormal/Horror
Angel 1999-2004 (YA) - Vampire
Carnivale 2003-2005 (Adult) - Good versus Evil
Charmed 1991-2003 (Adult) - Witches
Being Human 2008-Present (Adult) - Vampire, werewolf, ghost
Bewitched 1964-1969 (YA & Adult) - Witches
Big Wolf on Campus 1999-2002 (YA) - Werewolf
Blood Ties 2007-2008 (Adult) - Vampire
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 1997-2003 (YA) - Vampire
Dead Like Me 2003-2004 (YA) - Grim Reapers
Dead Set 2008-2008 (Adult) - Zombies
Dark Shadows 1966-1971 (Adult) - Vampire, ghosts, werewolves, witches, warlocks, zombies, etc
Dark Shadows 1991-? (Adult) - Same as above
Drak Pack 1980-1982 (YA) - Animated Vampires
Ghost Whisperer 2005-2010 (Adult) - Ghosts
Gravedale High  1990-1991 (YA) - Animated, monsters
HEX 2004-2005 (YA) - Demons & Witches
I Dream of Jeannie 1965-1970 (YA & Adult)
Kindred The Embraced 1996-1996 (Adult) - Vampire
Neverwhere 1996-1996 (YA) - Based on Urban Fantasy series by Neil Gaiman
Medium 2005-Present (Adult) - Medium
Monster Force  1994 (YA) - Animated , monsters
Monster Squad 1976-1977 (Adult/YA) - Monsters
Moonlight 1985-1989 (Adult) - Vampire
Mysterious Ways  2000-2002 (Adult) - Paranormal
Pushing Daisies 2007-2009 (Adult) Necromancy
Roswell 1999-2002 (YA) - Aliens
Sabrina The Teenage Witch 1996-2000 (YA) - Witches
Sanctuary 2007-Present (Adult) - Various (Vampires, werewolves, etc)
She-Wolf of London  1990-1991 (Adult) - Werewolves
Supernatural 2005-2010 (YA/Adult) - Various
Teen Wolf 1986-1987 (YA) - Werewolves
The Dead Zone 2002-2005 (Adult) - Psychic
The Dresden Files 2007-2007 (Adult) - Based on books by Jim Butcher
The Gates 2010-Present (YA & Adult) - Vampire, werewolf, witch, siren
The Highlander 1992-1998 (Adult) - Immortal Highlanders
The Vampire Diaries 2009-Present (YA) - Vampire
The X Files 1993-2002 (Adult) - Various
Tru Calling  2003-2005 (Adult/YA) - Talking to the dead
True Blood 2008-Present (Adult) - Vampires, shapeshifter, faeries, etc
Ultraviolet (TV Mini Series) 1998 (Adult) - Vampire
Vampire High 2001-2002 (YA) - Vampire
Werewolf 1987-1988 (Adult) - Werewolf


obsidiantears83 said...

Is this list from somewhere or just ones you know of and like? I have quite a number more that you can add if you wish? I love those ^ shows!

Here are just a few others I like.
American Gothic
Dead Like Me
Dead Set
The Dresden Files
Mysterious Ways
Pushing Daisies
Tru Calling
Ted and Alice

LM Preston said...

My mouth is salvating :-D

Felicia the Geeky Blogger said...

Wolflake is another older one that I miss and was only on for a short time!

Forever Knight was really good too!

The Book Guru said...

I love when I post my BIG lists as they always get such a fantastic response. Thanks for your contributions I'll have them up ASAP!

The Book Guru said...

Your suggestions have been added with a few more!

B.Kienapple said...

So many good shows, so little time to watch. X-files has to be my top favorite, followed closely by Buffy and Angel. True Blood is up there too. I like your new lists!

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