Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Looking For Feedback Please!

I have been sitting in my chair for a good ten minutes contemplating my "new releases" post.  I am conflicted as to whether or not I should do a new release post based on book I am going to buy that month or that I am interested in buying OR posting about all new releases for that month within the genres commonly found on The Book Guru whether or not I would recommend them.

As a reader what would your ideal "New Release" post include?  Should it be just what I am interested in or all books being released that month?  Should it contain details such as publisher and format information, book synopsis, book trailers, etc?

Please let me know what you think!


Steph said...

What about both? You could post a new release you're interested in with a little bit about it and why, and also include a few you know your readers will also like (perhaps based on the most comments you receive on posts). I think all you need is an image linking to Amazon, or wherever you typically link to, and the release date. We can get all the info, like pages, publisher, synopsis, etc., by clicking on the image. I usually judge a book by its cover anyway first. :)

The Book Guru said...

Good advice! Thanks for your comments :)

LM Preston said...

I want it all. Book trailer, synopsis and pre-purchase links.

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