Saturday, October 30, 2010

HP Trailer: It's Worse Then Being a Kid on Christmas Eve

When you were little did you have a favorite stuffed bear or blanket that made you feel safe whenever your fear of the monsters in your closet got to be to great? Is there a favorite book that you escaped to whenever reality just wasn't enough? Did you ever let yourself wonder for hours in fantastical daydreams just because you felt like it?

When I was younger I had a stuffed bear named, Bear (how original) who kept watch by my shoulder ready to alert me at the first sign of monsters but it wasn't until I read Harry Potter years ago that I finally found THAT series of books that allows me to escape whenever I feel link into a world that is so magical it takes my breath away. The books and movies alike have become my security blanket. I am 28 blah blah, there are no monsters under my bed (yes there are)......Well the point is if I haven't stressed it enough over the past nine months of blogging is that I love Harry Potter. I watch it when my husband is away on business just so I can sleep, I pick up the very first book just so I can hang with Potter as he discovers the magical world of Witches and Wizards in Diagon Alley, I dress up as a Hogwarts students occasionally just because I feel like it and I often find myself daydreaming that I grew up in that world and I am now a professor at the school or a dark magic catcher.

The entire point of this post is that I found another HPDH trailer. With just 20 days to go I am beyond excited and if this trailer in addition to the others accurately represents the quality of the film we are in for a treat. I think it may just be the best of them all. I promise you that your going to get sick of my HP posts. I just started reading the final book in preparation for watching the movie. I believe I do a pretty good job of separating the books from the movies but I still like to have a "refresher" before the movie comes out.  Either way it is my intention to do a post about how much I love the book at some point in the next two weeks. Also when the movie comes out I plan to do a (hopefully) gushing post on how fantastic it is.

Enough of me without a further waste of your time I give you the newest HP trailer (if you haven't already seen it).


LM Preston said...

Ughf...I'm salivating....can't wait to see this and post about it with out gushing too much on my blog. Is that bad?

Lily Child said...

*eep!* I can't wait!!!

Tipsy - said...

I so can't wait either, but have you seen Tobuscus' literal trailer? I enjoyed it!

The Book Guru said...

LM - I say GUSH away! I won't be able to help myself.

Lilly - I wish there was some way I didn't have to wait the anticipation is to much!

Tipsy - I will check it out right now!

Natalie (I'd So Rather Be Reading) said...

I couldn't help it either and had to post the trailer! The midnight tickets are already sold out! But don't fret, we are ready!!

Michelle said...

I cant wait to see the movie! :D oh and..
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Steph said...

I am looking forward to it as well. I am certain we will continue to be enthralled with your HP posts. Fangs, Wands and Fairy Dust
twitter: @fangswandsfairy

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