Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Count Down To Canada Day!

July 1, AKA Canada Day, is just around the corner so to celebrate in my own special way I will be rolling out a new feature on my blog that will spotlight my favorite Canadian authors.  Leading up to July 1 I will be posting almost every day highlighting my favorite authors and novels as well as some recent finds and hopefully inspiring you to check out what Canada has to offer!  If you have a favorite Canadian author please feel free to comment or email me with the name of a novel or of the author as I will be starting a new "BIG" list of Canadian authors. Check back soon for my first post spotlighting one of my favorite authors, Charles de Lint.  It is said that he helped to pioneer the urban fantasy and mythic fiction genre so if you are not familiar with him you'll have to come back to learn more!

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Tynga said...

I know Michelle Rowen is Canadian!

Stephanie said...

I am currently reading (and will post my review shortly) a mystery by Maureen Jennings, a Canadian author. I regularly post about Canadian authors and award-winning Canadian books, although my job has prevented me from doing what I wanted the past six weeks or so and I've been somewhat neglectful. I also really enjoyed Something Wicked by Lesley Anne Cowan.

Here's to Canadiana!!!

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