Monday, April 26, 2010


I have been compiling some, "BIG" lists laity such as The BIG List of Boarding School Books, The BIG List of Werewolf Books, The BIG List of Faery Books, etc.  I added as many books of each subject I have read or know about and then with the help of my fellow bloggers and readers the list has grown with their/your recommendations.  Currently I have a pink asterisk beside the books I have read and recommend and it is my goal to eventually write a review on each of those books and add them as links next to the book title.  As a way of supporting my fellow book bloggers as well as providing more information on each book for my readers I am hoping to add links to reviews on books recommendations by my fellow bloggers.  So if you recommend a book for one of my lists (or have done in the past) please email me or comment on where to find your review and I will add it as a link. I intend to add more and more lists so keep checking back and passing on your recommendations and links to your reviews!


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