Thursday, April 15, 2010

I got just a little carried away......

I am in between books right now but had the desire to write a blog post so this is what you get!  Every once in awhile I get really nostalgic about my childhood and when I feel this way I start to go through all my favorite childhood keepsakes (I am a bit of a hoarder of childhood "stuff").  Its no surprise that some of my most prized possessions are books from my childhood.  In no particular order I have included a list of my favorite childhood books. (Note: I just finished writing this post and I got a little carried away...very sorry about that...don't know what I mean?  No worries if you read on you'll soon find out).

Title: There was an old lady who swallowed a fly
Author: Pam Adams
Publisher: Child's Play-International
Published: January 6, 1972
Format: Hardcover $10.50 CDN
Pages: 16

Why I love it:  When I was little I had a very special friend (my then step father) who used to entertain me to no end with purchases of Alf dolls (if you don't know what an Alf doll is I may just cry a little but message me and I'll be happy to show a matter of fact I'll show you what one is at the end of this post), doing magic tricks, and singing to me this book/song at bedtime.  My favorite part was, "There was an old lady who swallowed a spider, that wriggled and wiggled and tiggled inside her." For the full lyrics to this song click here.

Series: Little Critter
Author: Mercer Mayer
Approx price of each book: $4.99 - $10.00 CDN (Softcover)
Website: Little Critter

Why I loved this series:  My favorite book in this series is the one shown in the picture; "I Just Forgot."  Released in 1988 (7 years after I was born) this book always made me laugh because I was forever telling my family that, "I forgot" when asked to do chores or other parent directed suggestions or demands.  With beautifully illustrated pictures, humorous and innocent themes this series and the book, "I Forgot" captured my heart and the hearts of many other children over the years.  What I really like is the variety of books that Mercer Mayer wrote, each with a different theme such as, Just Grandpa and Me, All By Myself, Just Me In The Tub, I Was Just So Mad, and many more there is a book for every occasion.  When I have children of my own (hopefully soon) I can't wait to fill their library with all my favorite Little Critters.

I won't include any information on this book only because I am not to sure if its the right one.  I would have to go digging in my bacement to figure out the title of this book but I remember the inside so well.  I would spend hours turning the wheel that would make two little gnomes chop wood and pull the string to make the little girl gnome go back and forth on her swing.  If this books sounds familiar to you please comment it will save me a trip to the basement!

Title: The Borrowers
Author: Mary Norton
Published: September 10, 1953
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Format: Hardcover $21.50 CDN
Pages: 192

From the Publisher:

This is the classic story--read and loved by children all over the world--of Pod, Homily, and their daughter, Arrietty, who live under the kitchen floor in a quiet, half-empty house and get their livelihood by borrowing from the human beans. Delectable fantasy.--Booklist

I really don't feel as though the publishers synopsis really tells you anything about the book so I have included the trailer to the movie based on the novel.

Why I loved it:  I believed and do believe to this day that either my stuffed animals come to life and steel my socks or its house hippos or "borrowers."  I have always had a fascination with bringing every day inanimate things to life and believing in things you can't see but as a child know exist.  Somehow this book reminds me of those beliefs!

I have more "favorites" but instead of including more books I felt compelled to also include some of my other childhood "favorite things."  Keep in mind I was born in 1982 so you may or may not remember any of these things.

As a child I could literally spend hours and hours arranging my "little people" as I call them.  Most of them were Cabbage Patch plastic figurines but I also had small plastic bears and Disney characters.  Take note of the little red head sitting on a stack of books on the bottom left (she was my favorite *shrugs* go figure).

I had *cough* still have, a HUGE obsession with stuffed animals (Build a Bear is the best invention ever).  Below you will find a picture or two of some of the stuffed animals I loved as a child.  Additionally below you will find a variety of my favorites toys, games, shoes, etc because I got carried away and slightly excited at remembering all my old childhood favorite things.  Forgive me that this post is less then 50% about books and more like 90% me reliving my childhood through google image searches.

Oh Shera....I loved playing with your pink castle
When I found this on youtube I did a little happy dance on my couch!

I slept on Rainbow Brite sheets like all littler girls should :)  Who is Rainbow Brite you may ask?  Well I am so glad you asked, let me show you (after I post a picture of my sheets)!!!

Best game ever!

Coolest stuffed animal ever!
If you don't know or understand what a Popple is see the below commercial for a demonstration!

Jelley shoes were so stylish!
This little "bedtime buddy" as it was marketed kept the monsters away with its happy glowing face.
"Alf meet my readers, readers meet Alf the coolest alien life form to ever exist!"

Ok I'll stop now lol....Really I will, but first I leave you with my favorite commercial from when I was younger!

Hope you weren't to bored lol.  Happy reading!

Guru Out!!!


esphixiet said...

this was awesome! now if only marketing companies would stop bastardizing our childhoods by rereleasing everything!

Jeanne C. said...

Love the rainbow brite sheets! My sister had them! Cute post!

Bethany said...

I work in a nursery, and we've just bought that Old Woman who Swallowed a Fly book for the babies there! I also had that book as a kid so it's very exciting!

Shanyn said...

(I'm responding to the comment you left me, even though I really like all of the stuff you posted above, especially Rainbow Brite <3 <3 <3)

Have you read the Private series by Kate Brian? I bought almost the whole set from another blogger and haven't started them yet but I'm pretty excited for it. I just read the Gallagher Girl books by Ally Carter (another boarding school) which I would highly recommend if you haven't read them yet :)

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