Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Themed Post Winner: Books or Series that take place in a boarding school

Big thanks to all those readers who voted in my pole on what my next themed post would be.  As you may have guessed by the posts title, boarding schools won!  I hope you enjoy this first installment of many for books or series that take place in a boarding school!

Hallowmere Series by: Tiffany Trent

Series: Hallowmere
Author: Tiffany Trent
Publisher: Wizards of the Boast, Inc
Price: 8.95 (11.95 Canadian)
Hallowmere Web Site

Click here to read the first chapter of first novel in the series, In the Serpant's Coils.

From the Publisher:

As the Civil War ends, Corrine's nightmare begins.

Ever since her parents died, Corrine's dreams have been filled with fairies warning her of impending peril. When she's sent to live at Falston Manor, she thinks she's escaped the danger stalking her. Instead the dreams grow stronger, just as girls begin disappearing from school.

Then Corrine discovers letters of forbidden love by a medieval monk who writes of his entanglement with a race of vampiric Fey -- the same Fey who haunt Corrine's dreams. Who are these creatures and what do they want? Corrine knows only one thing for sure: another girl will disappear soon, and that girl just might be her.

My review:

I began this series about a year ago with the first novel, and recently purchased the rest of hte series when Chapters had a great sale going on.  I would consider these books to be paranormal fantasy/fiction and they are published for young adults.

While I don't believe they are the best books in this genre they are a very entertaining read and I am eager to read the rest of the novels in this series.  What I liked most about this series thus far, is the mystery element in regards to both plot and character as well as the somewhat spooky atmosphere the author creates. Additionally I found the flow and pace of the novel to be perfect for my reading tastes and her writing style was eloquent and easy to read and understand.  Her characters were believable and genuine and the author didn't force too much information about them on you at any one given time.

I am absolutely captivated and obsessed by books that take place in boarding schools, especially when you involve the "magic" element.  The idea that somewhere out there, a school exists, where all fantastical things are possible (and I am crazy enough to believe this is true) makes my little whimsical heart sing!  Her descriptions of mythical creatures, sch as faeries, are not modernized or romanticized but rather stayed true to traditional descriptions which I found rather refreshing.

While as a series, these novels are not as popular as others that take place at a boarding school they are well written, entertaining, and will hopefully keep you turning the pages in eager anticipation.

Lastly I will include a list of all the books in this series in order with pictures and for your viewing enjoyment I have included the teaser trailer for the Hollowmere series.  I hope you have enjoyed the first installment of my newest themed post featuring books that take place in boarding schools,  Thank you all for voting for boarding school books to be my newest feature.  It worked so well that I think I will continue to base my themed post choices on your votes! (See upper right poll with new voting content).

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Callista said...

May I also suggest Pact of the Wolves by Nina Blazon and The Daring Game by Kit Pearson as other boarding school books.

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I think you're sexy! You can pick up your award here.

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You have been awarded with a blog award! Take a peek:

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Lindsey said...

Callista - I will definetly check those books out I am always looking for new authors. Thanks for the award!!!

Tara - Nice! Haven't gotten that one before :)

Bethany - Thank you so much!

Lina said...

Great idea about having themed posts. I don't think I've read books with boarding schools in it, but this one certainly sounds spooky. Nice review and the trailer gives me goosebumps!

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