Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Edit: The Big Vampy List Update

Somehow blogger posted the below post without correcting the edits I made (or maybe it was my mistake).  Regardless here is the post after edits which isn't much different then the uncorrected post except for a few minor changes and less spelling mistakes!  

WOWZA is all I have to say.  Thanks everyone for responding to my "call for help".  The Big List of Vampire books/series is growing quickly.  I am working hard on catching up to all the suggestions and linking it to the available information on the web regarding each book or series.  Please keep the suggestions coming!  For those of you who didn't see the original post please click here and feel free to participate!

I will respond more in depth to your comments and suggestions soon as well as get a handle on posting the recent blog awards I have received from my fellow bloggy friends ASAP.  Seems I am drowning in lists!  I also have two or three reviews on some entertaining books I have recently read. Hopefully a trip to Chapters will happen in the next few days as I am desperate for a good book or two to read!

Additionally I am very excited that my husband is returning home today from a business trip to France.  I am really hoping that he will be making a guest appearance on my blog soon so as to offer a male perspective on the books he enjoys reading! Should be interesting since we are known to get in heated discussions over just about everything one  can discuss.  Lastly I am really excited as I woke up to an email requesting an interview regarding my blog!  I won't say any more about until its actually complete but regardless I am stoked (and now feel a little silly regarding the uncorrected post I did with all those spelling mistakes if he or she read it!)

I started this blog not really knowing what to expect and with so many book blogs out there I felt a little intimidated.  I am not a professional reviewer (although how fun would it be to be payed in more then free books to do reviews), I won't often search for hidden symbolism in the books I read or ask you to discuss it with me (most of the time), my spelling and grammar are hideous, and I will not post three page reviews.  What I will do is tell you about books that excite me, that I read while hiding under the covers, that make my dreaming romantic heart swoon over, that I can't put down even for a minute, and make me laugh at all the right (and wrong) moments until the tears stream down my face.  Simply put I love books so much and because I have bothered my friends and strangers at chapters enough with both solicited and unsolicited book recommendations, I decided to branch into the wonderful world of book blogging.  (I have used brackets a little to much eh hehe).

I can't wait to get this BIG list up and running and hopefully over time it will continue to grow as more and more tasty vampire books/series are released.

Happy reading all!


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