Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Oh my beloved blog and bloggy friends how I have missed you! This past year has been the most wonderful and exhausting of my life! Between working two jobs, getting pregnant, and being the mother to a newborn I have hardly read any books never mind doing any book reviews. With that said in the past three months my reading has slowly begun to gain momentum as I get into a routine and in turn I will hopefully get my groove back!

I have been wanting to have a contest to help me get back into the swing of things and then I had an idea....apparently as a mother you would do just about anything for your baby is in a win a photshoot and be on the cover of a local free parenting magazing....I am winning...not by much...I need more give you a free book?...

Ok yes I am shamelessly asking for votes in exchange for any book purchased from the book depository that is under $20.00! But its a win win situation! Just look below at how cute my son is :)

So to win a FREE book $15.00 or under from the Book Depository please vote for my son by clicking here and then clicking "like" on BOTH City Parent and Emmet's photo. Please also comment in this post that you voted so that I can enter you in the random draw. I realize this magazine is irrelevant to most of you so by all means after the contest is over and the winner announced feel free to "unlike" the page. Contest closes on August 19th.

Me pregnant 34 Weeks (Emmet was born early at 36 weeks)

The first time I ever held him

The day he came home

This is him yesterday having fun in his bumbo chair

And this is the photo you will be voting on!

Good luck to all who enter and THANK YOU for your vote!


Nikki said...

As a fellow newbie parent I wish you all the luck! Go Emmett! I voted and hope he wins!
Sherri McCarver

The Book Guru said...

YAY first voter! Thanks for the vote!

Chrystal said...

Aww so cute! I'll go vote now!

Natasha J said...

awww, too cute!! I voted:)

Heather said...

hope I did that correctly. i 'liked' his photo. Good luck and congratulations.

Jenny N. said...

Good luck, I voted for Emmet and commented on the photo as Jenn Ng.


emmad said...

Voted earlier but couldn't comment from work.

Beverly said...

I hope you and your son win! I have two children - but my daughter was early - 32 weeks - she was just 4 1/2 lbs. Now she is almost 22 years old! Congrats - isn't motherhood an amazing gift!

Beverly said...

Forgot my email for the contest -

Marjorie said...

I liked and I voted. He is beautiful.
Best wishes. Take care Mommy.

cenya2 at hotmail dot com

Deb said...

Voted, good luck! :) But I keep laughing at the look on his face in the bumbo chair.

azurebead at yahoo dot com

Beth said...

I "liked" both the magazine and Emmett! He is so cute. :) Glad to discover your blog. Thanks for the invite on Goodreads!


Tiffany Drew said...

I voted :) Hope he wins, he is too cute!!

Good luck :)


bookluver said...

Cute Baby. I voted.

Amy Stogner

Jennifer said...

I voted!
Good luck.

Name that voted: jennifer k.

jlkalman26 at gmail dot com

The Book Guru said...

Thanks everyone for voting every single vote counts! Make sure you click vote on both the City Parent web page and Emmet's photo for your vote to count. Again thanks so much!!!

Shelley Workinger said...

I'm not entering the giveaway, but I did vote for Emmet because he sold me with that teddy photo on the day he came home. And yes, "shameless" and "mother" are pretty much synonymous, I think :) Good luck!

.Ambur. said...

Awe, Emmet's adorable, and that's a very cute picture. :) I just voted for him. I hope he wins! :D
FB name: Ambur Hostyn

Thanks for the giveaway, and Good Luck! :D

vonze said...
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Dinda_SI said...

I voted for Emmet. He's so cute.

Jennifer said...

I'm all for shameless self-promotion. plus, he's really cute! Liked both.


Aik said...

Aaaawww...He's so cute! I'm definitely voting! :)

Lissette Martinez said...

I really love this photo! He looks sooooo cute!!
I voted for him!

FB: Liss Martz Villegas

Kellie said...

Your son is a looker! I love the picture of him in the bumbo chair. Alas, I found this too late and can't vote anymore.
Good luck!

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