Tuesday, October 4, 2011

TV Tuesday: Lost Girl

Having not had cable for about two years until this week (I refuse to pay the high prices but got a screamin deal for basic cable) I was unaware of some up and coming television shows to be aired this Sept/Oct 2011. The past few years television for both young adult and adult shows has had a strong paranormal influence with programs such as Vampire Diaries and True Blood appealing to paranormal addicts like myself. So interested in watching programs from this genre I began to search for more shows with such content and fell in love with the British shows Being Human and Dr. Who as well as shows such as Haven, Sanctuary, and most recently Lost Girl.

Lost Girl is what I would call an Urban Paranormal show that brings the world of Fae to our modern society. Focusing on protagonist Bo who is a Succubus who refuses to side with either dark or light Fae this show balances interesting plot lines and Fae mythology in a way that is both highly entertaining and incredibly sexy.

This show is now on its second season and if you have yet to watch an episode I highly recommend you give it a try. Without cable I have managed to watch this show at showcase.ca but for those of you in the USA or other countries I am not to sure where to direct you! (If you are in the UK try this link).

Below you will find a trailer for both Lost Girl season 1 and 2. Let me know what you think of this show and others like it that have captured your attention! Come back next Tue for a look at the fall seasons new additions to paranormal television!

(I realize that there are a lot of various memes featured on various blogs. While I have not come across one called "TV Tuesday" I apologize if I am stepping on any toes. If you have created a meme of this nature please feel free to leave a link to your posts and I would be happy to include links to your posts on future Tuesdays!)


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