Friday, May 7, 2010

Cool Posts From the Blogosphere

Finally caught up on my blog reading today and these are the posts that caught my eye!

B @ A Certain Bent Appeal did a post titled, Does Reading Do More Harm Than Good? I had fun responding to her post you should check it out.

I am so very jealous of a fellow book blogger @ Extreme Reader Book Reviews because she got to meet up with Kelley Armstrong (a fellow Ontario/Canadian of mine ;)) at a little indie bookstore in Charlotte NC.  Check out her post as I believe she is going to have a signed book and some cool swag to give away.

Check out the Open Book Society for a chance to win Aprilynne Pike's new novel Spells.

Reading With Tequila did a post this week called "Sex in YA: One Mom's View" that reflected my opinion on the matter to a T. 

I really liked Parajunkee's review on The Forest Of Hands And Teeth.  I absolutely agree with her comments on the authors transitions from internal dialogue to battling it out with zombies and her comments on the characters stupidity made me laugh!

Additionally check out Parajunkee's Blogging 101 tips which are AMAZING.  Her most recent one was regarding doing contests/giveaways to promote readership and generate new followers.  I have thought a lot on this issue because I was torn between agreeing with doing them as a marketing scheme and worrying that people would only follow me for the contest.  I have been content to work hard on posting reviews and recommendations but I can't say as I don't get excited every time I gain a new follower.  So after much himing and hawing (does this term even have a correct spelling?) I think that sometime in the future I will be doing a contest in hopes that the new readers will stick with me after the contest is over because they enjoy my blog!

And since its Friday make sure you head on over to Crazy-for-Books to join in the weekly Blog Hop!

Thanks to all my fellow bloggers for your awesome reviews, discussion posts, and blogging tips!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Heather said...

I can't recall where you are located, but Kelley Armstrong is going to be at the Museum in Kitchener on saturday, May 15.

check the above link for Wordsworth Books for the details. Daughter wants to attend.

Lindsey said...

Gah I wish I could go!!! If you go please post about it I want to here all about it!

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