Wednesday, August 11, 2010

GLBT Spotlight

I finally started going through my Google Reader list and came upon a few posts by The Story Siren.  She has a feature going on right now called LGBT Lit Days occurring from August 9 – 20th.  She has spotlighted such authors as Julie Anne Peters and is hosting a verity of GLBT book giveaways.  A few months ago I did a feature on my blog called, Books With Impact which featured a brief review of my two favorite GLBT books, Keeping You A Secret and Luna by Julie Anne Peters (you’ll have to scroll down on the linked page a bit to find them). 


Inspired by The Story Sirens GLBT week I have posted a new BIG List called, The BIG List of Young Adult GLBT Books.  If you have any GLBT book or author suggestions please feel free to comment or email and I would be happy to update the list.


Happy Reading!




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